CL Free offers THREE Pool Systems

The "Classic" System



The "Classic" pool system has three components.

#1. The CL Free DIGITAL computer controller pictured on the left
#2. The  Flow Chamber pictured in the middle.

#3. The flow switch that turns the  computer on and off when the pool pump turns on and off.

We also include a five way pool testing kit that measures all the basic water chemistry..

The Flow Chamber containes both the Copper ION plates (the ionizer) and the Platinum covered Titanium plates.( the oxidizer)


The "Classic-plus"



 The "Classic-plus" system has all the same functions as the Classic Pool System with one HUGE improvement,

 Electronic pH monitoring and display.

In  addition to the sanitizing the water, the "Classic-plus" reads the actual pH of your pool water every 30 seconds and automatically displays the pH on the Pool  Controller in Digital Numbers.

The pH can also be checked anytime with the push of a button.

NO MORE messing with chemical pH test kits,

NO MORE inaccurate results due to old chemicals or the hard to read color charts. 


The "Ultra"




The "Ultra" Pool System is equipped with all the same  functions as the Classic Plus Pool System with one MAJOR improvement.

Automatic pH management!

The CL Free regulator will display and automatically adjust the pH using Co2.

The CL Free pH  sensor will continually reads the pH of your pool water and display the  actual pH of the water on the pool controller every 30 seconds.

When  the pool water pH rises above 7.6   (normal pH is between 7.2 to no higher than 7.6) our system will start injecting Co2 every 12 to 15 seconds directly into the pool pump basket until the pH is back to the normal setting.

When you mix Co2 with water it becomes Carbonic Acid. The Carbonic acid takes the place of having to use liquid Muriatic acid to adjust pH down.

As you may know, muriatic acid fumes can be VERY dangerous to inhale

The amount of Co2 needed is approximately 10 pounds of Co2 per 10,000 gallons per month.

You  can get Co2 from any welding supply Company or air/gas company. Co2 tanks come in many  sizes. The smallest size Co2 tank we recommend is a 35 pound tank. A 35  pound Co2 tank is about the same size as a skin divers tank.

The CL Free 5 way Pool Manager test kit comes free with every system.


Our Systems will work on ANY pool surface

 Our chlorine free pool systems will work with ANY pool surface. Concrete, Gunnite, Vinyl or Fiberglass, it does not matter.
Water is Water, so it makes no difference if you have an In ground or above ground pool.
Our Pool Systems will also work with ANY Filtration system you currently have.

We DO NOT make you change ANY of the normal basic water parameters.

Normal pH 7.2 to 7.6, Normal Alkalinity 80 to 120, Normal hardness 200-400
Our systems are designed for the handy homeowner to install using common household tools. (see below for an example)
All CL Free pool systems will accommodate pools up to 35,000 gallons. (Call us on  Larger Pool applications)

Best Warranty in the industry.

 CL Free Digital Water Systems offer one of the best warranties in the industry. 

CL Free warrants its  equipment to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period  of five (5) years. This warranty includes the Digital box, the plumbing  components and the titanium electrodes. It does not include the  self-sacrificing copper electrodes. The warranty does not include  installation or repair cost and in no event shall the liability under  this warranty exceed the purchase price of the product

CL Free  Water Systems LLC disclaims all liability for damage to its product  through improper installation, acts of God, maintenance, use or attempts  to operate such products beyond their functional capacities,  intentional or otherwise, or any unauthorized repair. This warranty is  not to be confused with a return policy. CL Free Water Systems LLC (the  manufacturer) does not have a return policy but your local Dealer may.  Please contact your local Dealer for more information. CL Free Water  Systems LLC is not responsible for consequential or other damages,  injuries or expenses incurred through the use of this product.. 

Easy to install


The CL Free "Classic" Digital Pool System consists of three components:
The  CL Free Digital Computer mounts to the wall or post near the pool  equipment and plugs into a standard 110 Volt outlet (NO WIRING  NECESSARY). Don't worry about the weather, all our systems come weather  resistant. 

Our  See Through Custom Designed Flow Chamber is installed on the return  line of the Pool after the Filter. The Flow Chamber can be installed  horizontally or vertically. We build our Flow Chamber out of "Schedule  80" Commercial Grade PVC which will last many years. No other Company has this product. The CL Free Flow Switch is installed just before the "Flow Chamber".
        When the pump turns off, water pressure drops and our Computer  will turn off. When the pool pump turns on and there is water flow, the  Computer turns on.